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BoxRocket BoxRocket 25 February


All, or most of the chord tabs I added on the Lemon Demon wiki were from the old WikiLemon website (wiki.illemonati.com) through WayBackMachine. All first four albums have chord pages for them, Dinosaurchestra is missing one or two, View-Monster is missing a ton, and there's really nothing after that.

If you want to help out, ultimate-guitar.com has some chord sheets uploaded before WikiLemon went down. If you use UG, BEWARE: only a handful of LD chord tabs from ultimate guitar are the actual official ones from the old wiki. Only upload tabs that people got from wiki.illemonati.com, or very high rated ones. Trust me, some people can REALLY screw up chord sheets on there.

Anyway that's all. I'm not going to 'blog' or whatever the hell on here…

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