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Deporitaz (formerly Trapezoid) was Neil Cicierega's musical project preceding Lemon Demon. The main difference between Lemon Demon and Deporitaz is that Deporitaz produced mostly instrumentals. There were a few exceptions, including a track that was made into a music video and later remade on Hip To The Javabean, entitled I Know Your Name. To this day, fans usually prefer the earlier version. Another exception is Wizard Hat Pie, which features guest lead vocals by Dave Kelly. During this era, Neil also occasionally recorded under the name MEGO vs. SPAGO.

The “posthumous” name change[]

Shortly after Neil abandoned the Trapezoid moniker and moved on to Lemon Demon, he was contacted by a previously established band by the name of Trapezoid, who asked him to change the name, despite Neil's Trapezoid being defunct. Neil complied, and his Trapezoid is now known by the anagram Deporitaz.

Pronunciation after the name change[]

Neil has stated (on the pronunciation of Deporitaz) that “Deporitaz has no official pronunciation because I only made it up to not get sued.”


  1. Outsmart
  2. Microwave This CD
  3. Dimes
  4. Circa 2000


  • In the comments on the Mp3 file, "The Murrayless Murray Mix", Neil states: "In 1782, Trapezoid was founded by Stevallica Ryeband Coindette the 4th. Then his head exploded, and hundreds of years later I adopted the name."

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