Dimes is Trapezoid/Deporitaz's third album, released in November 2002. It's currently the only album in the Deporitaz discography to feature original vocals on a few of the tracks. Following the release of this album, Neil Cicierega created Lemon Demon, moving his focus on that project. For a while, it had seemed that the Deporitaz name had become retired completely until the release of Circa 2000 in 2007, a collection of Deporitaz tracks made around the titular year.

Track Listing Edit

Pre CD release dates Edit

  • Blue Goggles: August 19, 2001
  • Antispider: In or before January 2, 2002 (most likely 2001)
  • Monkey Brain Soup for the Soul: June 8, 2002
  • Duracell: September, 2002(?)
  • I Know Your Name: October 4, 2002

Trivia Edit

  • Though there is no way to find the exact release date of Dimes, based on other links close to Dimes address, it was released on November, if not December.