Emmy's Christmas Gift is a song by Neil released December 13, 2004, as a gift to Emmy. It is accompanied by a Flash animation.

Description by Neil:

Season's Greetings! I made this animation for my little sister Emmy. As do many Harry Potter fans about her age, she harbors just a slight crush on the likes of Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and possibly Alan Rickman (she denies that.) So, in lieu of tracking the actual actors down and forcing them to become her boy-toys, I made her this little song and animation.

Lyrics Edit

Daniel Radcliffe: Hello, Emmy! Im Daniel Radcliffe!

Rupert Grint: Hello, Emmy! Im Rupert Grint!

Both: We are here to be your Christmas present

Rupert: Cause sweaters give you bellybutton lint!

Daniel: You can do anything you please!

Rupert: You can give my buttock a squeeze!

Both: Anything you want for Christmas!

Daniel: Just watch out for Ruperts STDs!

Rupert: HEY!

Alan Rickman: You could have an Alan Rickman Christmas

I would be a most spellbinding lover

Daniel: Right about now, Emmy must be wondering

Daniel + Rupert: What the hell is wrong with her brother!

Daniel: Wouldnt I look marvelous inside a hanging sock?

Rupert: Or underneath the Christmas Tree?

Alan: With a ribbon on my —

Daniel + Rupert: CANDY CANE!

Daniel + Rupert: Have a happy Christmas!

Alan: Have a happy Christmas!

Daniel + Rupert: Have a happy Christmas!

All three: Have a happy Christmas Day!

(Alan Rickman holds the word Day for 7 seconds longer than Rupert and Daniel)


Non-Flash version Edit

Emmy’s Christmas Gift Remastered

Emmy’s Christmas Gift Remastered

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