Emmy Cicierega is the younger sister of Neil. She has been involved in some of Neil's projects, including having

acted in some of his short films, having thought of the original idea for Potter Puppet Pals and having designed the Lemon Demon shirt store. She also drew the cover art for Hip To The Javabean and the crow animation from The Scarecrow part of No Place Like Home. She is currently a moderator at the Lemon Demon forum. She previously worked as a storyboard artist on the animated series Gravity Falls.

Emmy has her own theme song by Andrew Pants of SongsToWearPantsTo. Her exact request was as follows:

When I am feeling sad like life is just a bowl of soggy oatmeal, I would like my very own song to encourage me to keep going and have an awesome day, and that everything will be alright no matter what happens. Like my own theme song hahah! Can have a punkish feel, can have a banjo, can mention kitties, can be any kind of awesomeness you want.

If you can't think of any lyrics, here's some topics I enjoy: Cats, sunshine, flowers, Unicorns, rocking out, Harry Potter, magic. I also enjoy computer gamish sounds like from oldschool mario and junk.

I like to draw everyday, for I am an artist! I do mostly cartoony stuff. I drink tea everyday. I wear weird clothes everyday. I am a chocoholic.

Me and my brother Neil started Potter Puppet Pals, and that's pretty crazy. I puppeteer and help write the scripts.

One time Neil hid in my closet with the lights out and jumped out at me and screamed "DANNY DEVITO!!" which made me scream and wake up our parents.

An MP3 of "Emmy Emmy Go Go Go" can be found here, and the Chad Johnson's video can be seen here.

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