Artist: Lemon Demon
Album: Dinosaurchestra
Length: 2:19


I’m without eyelashes.
I noticed, so are you.
We used them on wishes,
And none of them came true.

Terrible, I know, but fair is fair is fair.
I’m blinking up a storm,
But nothing’s ever ever there.

I’m without a soulmate.
I noticed, so are you.
What is that, anyway?
Copycat, I hate you.

Mirror mirror on the emotional wall.
I’m dancing like a fool,
But no one seems to care at all.

I’m without any more
Things to be without, since
Everything I longed for
Followed in my footprints.

Now I guess would be the perfect time to die,
So take care of my pets and plants,
And now I’ll say good…


  • The end of the song leads directly into the first word of the next song on Dinosaurchestra, Bystanding. The word “good” becomes “goodbye”.
  • While the majority of the song is in 5/4, the small instrumental bridge after each verse is in 4/4.
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