Icon Architect 1.0 is a point-and-click adventure game in development by Neil Cicierega.

According to Neil's thread  on the Adventure Game Studio forum:

This is a full-length game I'm working on. It takes place within the headquarters of a major computer company-- contemporaries of Microsoft, Apple, and NeXT...

The hero is Jan,

a young graphic designer who is tasked by Giacomo,

(master painter of clipart and icons)

with taking reference photos of wastebaskets.

Their team is building a revolutionary operating system.

Jan will explore the burgeoning world of tech culture;

A state-of-the-art corporation

on the verge of unleashing an incredible new paradigm.

Jan soon becomes caught up in an industrial espionage plot,

uncovering the strange, world-shattering secrets of her employers.

Exactly why is this OS so revolutionary?

Exactly how many floors does this building have?

Planned features:

  • 40-ish rooms
  • OPL2 (Adlib/FM synthesis) music and sound effects
  • Quasi-iMuse music system
  • Verbs and context-menus
  • Pause during cutscenes!
  • Save during conversations!
  • The extremely Good fashion of the time
  • Beige
  • Fear
  • Blood
  • Antediluvian relics
  • Trust exercises

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