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Lemon Demon is Neil Cicierega's second major musical project, after he moved on from Trapezoid/Deporitaz. Stylistically, Lemon Demon has differed from Deporitaz in that Lemon Demon has mostly vocal tracks, while Deporitaz had mostly (but not exclusively, in its later days) instrumentals. Also, Deporitaz tracks were primarily arranged using synthesis and sound fonts; while these are still common in Lemon Demon, it makes more use of real recorded instruments such as guitar, accordion and keytar.

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In live performances, Lemon Demon consists of Neil Cicierega on vocals and keyboard, Alora Lanzillotta on bass guitar, Chooch on guitar, Greg Lanzillotta on drums, and ocassionally Dave Kitzberg on guitar and backing vocals. In early years, the drums used to be prerecorded and played by Professor iPod until an actual drummer was recruited for live peformances by the name of Tony Wry. Tony Wry would then quit the band in November 2008 to move to Detroit. Alora's brother, Greg Lanzillotta would later take his place for later peformances. Lemon Demon's live performances have mostly been at open mics and have also included a performance at Neil's sister’s wedding and performances, one at Awesomefest 2006, and several on Neil's sporadic internet radio show, Hooray Radio.


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