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The default Mercury theme displaying the forum from 2007.

The forum as of August 2009.

The Lemon Demon forum (often shortened to "the LDF") is a forum dedicated to Lemon Demon. It was created on February 1, 2006 by Neil Cicierega.

The Lemon Demon forum uses version 1.3 of the PunBB forum software and has more than three thousand members. Since its creation, it has changed hosts several times, undergone a few major glitches, and gone offline for more than a month. The Illemonati Backup Forums (later renamed Internet Stonehenge) were created by LÆB to counteract this.

The forum is often erroneously called "the Lemon Demon forums", even though its real name is displayed prominently at the top of every page. Referring to a singular forum in plural is a common variation even outside the Illemonati community. On October 5th 2007, the title of the forum was changed to "The Lemon Demon foreman". This prank was reverted the next day.

Neil Cicierega and Alora Lanzillotta are the administrators of the forum and Psyne, LÆB, FaeryKore, Ming, Emmy and mattgcn are the moderators. Chloe, Natalia and Juttman used to be mods but the former two were demoted due to inactivity and the latter left the forum. Chad was a mod at one point, but only as a prank.


When it was first created, the forum only had an announcements forum, a Lemon Demon discussion forum, and a forum for help in purchasing Lemon Demon albums. When it became more popular, an off-topic forum, a games forum, and a forum devoted to Pastamania were added.

On January 20th 2008, the descriptions of all the forum were changed, the Pastamania forum was closed, and a Happy Days fanfiction forum was added. The transition was brief and mournful. The last person to post in the Pastamania forum was RatchetSly.