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The band at Lemonic Demonade 2006.

The band rehearsing.

In live performances, Lemon Demon currently consists of Neil Cicierega on vocals and keyboard, Alora Lanzillotta on bass guitar, Neil's brother-in-law Chooch (the titular Charles of Charles & Leah Forever) on guitar, Greg Lanzillotta on drums, and sometimes Dave Kitsberg on guitar. Drums were originally prerecorded tracks played by Professor iPod before the band obtained a human drummer, Tony Wry. In November 2008, Tony moved to Detroit, temporarily leaving Lemon Demon without a drummer. Alora's brother, Greg Lanzillotta would later replace Tony. A secondary guitarist by the name of Dave Kitsberg would also be added to the line-up.

Lemon Demon's live performances have mostly been at open mics and have also included a performance at Neil's sister's wedding and performances on Neil's sporadic internet radio show, Hooray Radio. The trio version of Lemon Demon made their live debut at Awesomefest 2006 (see below). They've also peformed at the anime convention in Detroit called Youmacon annually from 2007 to 2012. Ever since their latest peformance at Youmacon in November 2, 2012, the live band hasn't peformed anymore gigs since.

Some songs, like Elvis Porn and Charles and Leah Forever, were available as live recordings long before studio versions were produced.

Band Members[]

  • Neil Cicierega - lead vocals, keyboards (2003-present)
  • Alora Lanzillotta - bass guitar, vocals (2004-present)
  • Professor iPod - drum samples (2004-2007)
  • Charles "Chooch" Sergio - guitar, vocals 2006-2011?)
  • Anthony Wry - drums (2007-2008); guitar, vocals (2012-present)
  • Dave Kitsberg - guitar, vocals (2008-present)
  • Gregory Lanzillotta - drums (2008-present)


These are the songs that Lemon Demon is known to have played live at some point:



Theme Songs[]

Live dates and setlists[]

2005-01-06: "A local coffeehouse"[]

This is the first Lemon Demon show confirmed to have been played.

2005-04-03: Hooray Radio Broadcast #2[]

This is the first Lemon Demon show with audio. The full setlist is lost.

2005-05-18: Kiskadee Coffee Company[]

Setlist unknown.

2005-11-19: Plain Street Studios[]

All audio of this set is lost.

2006-06-17: Awesomefest 2006, Lyndeborough, NH[]

First known show played with Chooch on guitar. (Video of the whole set)

2006-07-30: Lemonic Demonade 2006, Kingston, MA[]

This list is probably in order, but is incomplete.

2006-08-27: Film Fest 2006, Kingston, MA[]

Setlist unknown.

2006-11-17: Plain Street Studios, Boston, MA[]

  1. Consumer Whore
  2. Fine (MP3)
  3. White Bread Boyfriend (MP3)
  4. Your Imaginary Friend
  5. Ode To Crayola (MP3)
  6. The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny
  7. It Can Get Lonely In My Mansion
  8. Subtle Oddities
  9. Nothing Worth Loving Isn't Askew
  10. Party on the Moon
  11. Action Movie Hero Boy
  12. Marketland
  13. I've Got Some Falling To Do
  14. The Song You Hear When You Die (lip-synced)

2007-04-21: Imagination Summit, Westport, CT[]

  1. Knife Fight (prerecorded instruments) (MP3)
  2. Fine (MP3)
  3. Ode to Crayola (MP3)
  4. Action Movie Hero Boy (MP3)
  5. Elvis Porn (MP3)
  6. Your Imaginary Friend (MP3)
  7. The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny (MP3)
  8. Bill Nye the Science Guy theme (MP3)
  9. Stick Stickly (MP3) (Video)
  10. Killer Tofu by The Beets (From Doug) (MP3) )
  11. White Bread Boyfriend (MP3)
  12. I've Got Some Falling to Do (MP3)

2007-07-29: Lemonic Demonade 2007, Kingston, MA[]

A direct recording of this concert exists.

  1. Stick Stickly (sound check) (MP3)
  2. Fine (MP3)
  3. White Bread Boyfriend (MP3)
  4. Marketland (MP3)
  5. Your Imaginary Friend (MP3)
  6. Ode to Crayola (MP3)
  7. Bill Nye the Science Guy (MP3)
  8. Word Disassociation (MP3)
  9. Elvis Porn (MP3)
  10. Action Movie Hero Boy (MP3)
  11. Pumpkin Pie (MP3)
  12. Killer Tofu (MP3)
  13. The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny (MP3)
  14. The Mysterious Ticking Noise (MP3)
  15. Indie Cindy and the Lo-Fi Lullabies (MP3)
  16. Nothing Worth Loving Isn't Askew (MP3)
  17. Stick Stickly (MP3)
  18. Gonna Dig Up Alec Guinness (MP3)
  19. I've Got Some Falling to Do (MP3)
  20. Mr. Porta-Potty Man (MP3)
  21. Part of Switzerland (MP3)
  22. Pokémon theme (MP3)

2007-09-21: Imagination Summit 2, Kingston, MA[]

Setlist mostly lost.

2007-11-02, 2007-11-03: Youmacon 2007, Troy, MI[]

Friday show on the Youmacon stage:

Saturday show in the lobby; collaborations with Aaron Ackerson and The Spoony Bards:

2008-03-22: Wrench in the Works, Willimantic, CT[]

Setlist unknown.

2008-04-18: Knights of Columbus, Kingston, MA[]

Setlist partially lost. Videos have a volume warning.

2008-04-25: ROFLCon 2008, Cambridge, MA[]

The full setlist and order are currently unknown but these songs are known to have been played:

2008-06-07: Awesomefest 2008, Lyndeborough, NH[]

Setlist unknown.

2008-08-03: Lemonic Demonade 2008, Kingston, MA[]

2008-08-17: Film Fest 2008[]

Setlist unknown.

2008-10-31: Youmacon 2008, Dearborn, MI[]

2009-10-31: Youmacon 2009, Dearborn, MI[]

2010-10-30: Youmacon 2010, Detroit, MI[]

2011-11-04: Youmacon 2011, Detroit, MI[]

2012-11-02: Youmacon 2012, Detroit, MI[]

(Video of the whole set)