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Disclaimer: This image is a mockup, not an actual scan.

Microwave This CD is the second album from Neil Cicierega's first musical project, Deporitaz. Some time after its release in June 2001 and the closure of MP3.com in 2003, there were seemingly no surviving copies of the full album in either a digital or physical format, although MP3s of some of the songs from the album were available. The official track listing was also forgotten (to the extent that even Neil himself forgot the exact order of all of the songs) and there was no certainty of what the album's cover looked like, leading the album to be considered "lost" for a number of years.

When the Deporitaz download directory was established, the tracklist was replaced with a list of songs that Neil confirmed might have appeared on it. In lieu of the original artwork, the cover for the Aaron Carter album Aaron's Party (Come Get It) was often used as a placeholder as an in-joke on the Lemon Demon forums.

In 2010, Jake, a user from the defunct Lemon Demon wiki WikiLemon, discovered a copy of the album in his closet and shared the original track listing, and described the album art, for which a mock-up was created: "The real cover includes a single color (dark blue) illustration of a flower with a confused face. Above the flower, centered, is written 'Trapezoid' in green followed by 'Microwave This CD' in blue, in an awkwardly stretched version of the font Copperplate."

Track Listing[]

  1. Murray Mix
  2. Murray Mix (Sugar Rush Mix)
  3. El Disco Malvado de Muerte
  4. Molten Lava 2000
  5. LeChuck Is Like a Big Evil Santa
  6. Seizures in the Sun
  7. The Horror!
  8. Sam 'n' Max Disco
  9. World War Something
  10. Untitled (Deporitaz)
  11. The Chips
  12. Smosho's Journey
  13. Whoop!
  14. Scope
  15. Cheezy as Cheez
  16. Gee Whiz
  17. Zombies

Songs that were thought to have been on the album[]

Pre-CD release dates[]

  • Whoop!: 1999
  • Murray Mix: Around and before March 14, 2000
  • Murray Mix (Sugar Rush Mix): probably the same date as Murray Mix
  • Sam 'n' Max Disco: Around and before June 3, 2000 if not May 21, 2000
  • LeChuck Is Like a Big Evil Santa: Around and before July 3, 2000
  • El Disco Malvado de Muerte: 2000
  • The Chips: File date for download says 2000 (it still was made before the album)
  • Molten Lava 2000: Before April 27, 2001
  • Cheezy As Cheez: Before April 27, 2001
  • The Horror!: Before June 2, 2001