Soft Fuzzy Man
Artist: Lemon Demon
Album: Spirit Phone
Length: 02:54
Soft Fuzzy Man is the ninth track in Lemon Demon's seventh album, Spirit Phone.

Lyrics Edit

Cold and windy

Dark and stormy 

Let me float your way 

Please don't ignore me 

What you girls really need's a soft, fuzzy man 

(An ambient man) 

A trick of the light to love you tonight 

You don't understand, there's nothing quite like a soft, fuzzy man 

Can't you see me? 

Why can't you see me? 

I'm all around, all cold and dreamy 

What you girls really need's a soft, fuzzy man 

(A wisp of smoke man) 

To waft over you and cloud up your view 

So show me your hands and wave them right through a soft, fuzzy man 

Although I have no arms to hold you in a human passion burns within me 

I need to feel like I exist 

So please baby please baby step into the mist 

Don't be nervous 

No, don't be nervous 

I'm not like other guys who have a surface 

What you girls really need's a soft, fuzzy man 

(An atmospheric man) 

A shimmering puff of indistinct love 

What's better than the vague embrace of a soft, fuzzy man? 

Who seeps through your thoughts 

Who makes you see spots 

Who blows through the air 

Who plays with your hair 

I know it sounds crazy, but once you go hazy, you'll understand 

I'm your soft, fuzzy man

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