The Wiggles Hate Each Other in Real Life
Artist: Lemon Demon
Album: View-Monster
Length: 1:58

Lyrics Edit

If you are a child,

you've probably seen

the Wiggles on TV.

And though they appear

to be best of friends,

there's so much that you don't see.

Soon as the cameras are off, they don't linger

before having cigarette break in the hall.

Scowling, they stare at their shoes and their fingers,

and none of them speaks to the others at all.

This one time on set,

Greg stumbles in drunk,

just like he does every day.

But he lets it slip

he spent all last night

with Anthony's fiance.

Silence, then everything suddenly launches

into a red-yellow-blue-purple fight.

Taping's postponed because Murray's unconscious,

and Jeff cries himself to sleep later that night.

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