This is Youmacon is the fourteenth track from Almanac 2009. Neil created the song on behest of the Youmacon organizers with all of the lyrics written by them, making this one of the rare examples of a Lemon Demon song that was made by request. The song is a parody of Danny Elfman's This is Halloween from the 1993 film The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Lyrics Edit

Cosplayers of every age Step right up and take the stage Mousse your hair and come along To the event that's Youmacon!

This is Youmacon This is Youmacon Fanboys scream in the shower stall!

This is Youmacon Photo ops out on the lawn Hunt for cards until you gonna catch 'em all!

In this hotel We'll rock on At the annual Youmacon!

See the AMV with the J-Pop track vicious editing then fade to black.

Security's here in illuminating light Keeping you safe in the sleepless night.

This is Youmacon This is Youmacon Youmacon! Youmacon! Clean this up! Youmacon!

At this con, Games 'til dawn And the Spoony Bards will play along!

Dealer room! Flash some money now! You can buy Pocky that's twice your size!

Artist Alley's alive with an ink pen Commissions waiting there to come to life YOU'LL SQUEE!

This is Youmacon! Maid's Cafe! Shougi pawn!

Having fun? We're NOT DONE YET!

Watch a sub, never dubbed our schedule is rarely flubbed Watch anime 'till your eyes pop out!

Oh My God it's Choji! Oh My God it's Choji! At the annual Youmacon!

Mario Party is happening live! You'll never believe what goes on inside!

Don your costume or you'll get glomped!

Our guest stars will all get swamped!

Skits and cosplays all compete, Making you laugh and stomp your feet.

This is Youmacon! This is Youmacon! Youmacon! Youmacon! Where's Morgan? Youmacon! (Youmacon Youmacon!)

Grab a badge and play all day, your life needs more anime! We'll work hard from dusk 'till dawn! At the annual Youmacon!

At this con! Cards are flying now! Customize your deck and battle here!

Morgan may be in disguise He'll vanish right before your eyes But don't be fooled he's still pulling the STRINGS!

THIS IS YOUMACON! MADNESS?! NO IT'S YOUMACON! Won't you please line up for a very shiny badge?

Our tech staff is working at a frightening pace! 4Chan Cookies at the con-ops place! Yum!

This is Youmacon! This is Youmacon! Youmacon! Youmacon! There is cake! Youmacon!

At this con, laugh and groan! You'll have lots of fun 'til you go home!

La la la la la la Youmacon Youmacon! La la la la la la Youmacon Youmacon!

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