Treasure Map
Artist: Lemon Demon
Album: View-Monster
Length: Unknown


Happily this afternoon,
Along the beach I waddle,
Looking at the sand,
I spy an old, forgotten bottle.

I scoop it up, and look at it,
My eyes go big and wide,
For heavens yes, there seems to be,
A treasure map inside.

Somewhere at the tail-end,
Of this twisty dotted line,
A chest of gold awaits,
And soon it's going to be mine.

I buy a sturdy shovel,
Since the treasure will be deep,
I buy expensive boots,
Because my old ones are too cheap.

I buy a fancy compass,
And a treasure hunting cap,
And off I set into the forest,
Eyes upon my map.

So carefully I trace the pathway,
Every little bend,
It's almost getting dark,
Before at last i reach the end.

I'm so excited, I can't help,
but do a little jig.
I calm myself, take out my shovel,
And proceed to dig.

I dig and dig, and dig and dig
Until my hands begin to hurt
Then finally! My treasure chest,
All worn and caked in dirt.

But when I look inside the chest,
I only find a note,
Upon it is the simple little message,
And I quote:

"Everybody wants to find
A buried treasure chest,
But no one wants to bury one,
If you do, be my guest"

(Pirates are assholes.)

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