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Back when Gravity Falls creator, Alex Hirsch, was preparing the pitch for his show, Neil wrote this song for the intro, but it didn't end up getting used. It was released on Tumblr on July 5th, 2012.[1]

It later ended up getting remixed into Moon's Request, which was included as a bonus track on Spirit Phone.


Gravity Falls

is not what you’d call

a sleepy town,

But like any other town,

All the people rest

at the moon’s request

When the sun goes down.

But that is when the mayhem awakens

And madness crawls

out of nowhere.

We go where adventure calls,

while the people are sleeping

 behind safe walls

we’re explorers of forests 

and haunted halls

empty graves and old caves 

and abandoned malls

I mean there’s nothing else to do here in

Gravity Falls!