When He Died
When He Died
Artist: Lemon Demon
Album: Spirit Phone
Length: 04:33
When He Died is the fifth track in Lemon Demon's seventh album, Spirit Phone. It was originally released October 3, 2014 on Patreon.[1]

Lyrics Edit

When he died

Turns out he left behind a mansion full of other people's skulls

The odd thing is, they never found his own, when he died

When he died

He somehow left behind strange symbols on the floor beneath his corpse

Investigators said the wood was scorched, when he died

When he died they found so many scorpions inside his lungs

When he died the statues of his missing children cried

What was later found to be his blood

When he died (On a dark and stormy night)

They telephoned his wife (Who reacted with delight)

But gradually her voice began to fade to nothing

And the Laughing Record played

The Laughing Record played

When he died

They found a message etched into his spine

That said when he died an endless age of untold nightmares would be nigh

And the blood would make the seas run red

When he died (On a dark and stormy night)

A nearby shed caught fire (It simply caught alight)

And when they cleared the charred wood from the ground

Inside they found a painting of a clown (A creepy painting of a clown)

He'd painted it when he was just a child

But scrawled upon the back was exactly when he died

When he died, when he died, when he died, when he died 

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